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Wind Dancer by Henry Bergeson
Wind Dancer by Henry Bergeson
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Product Description

This spectacular kaleidoscope comes with 6 oil filled glass tubes, 3 of which are used at a time. The centerpiece that holds the tubes is held on to the body of the kaleidoscope with interlocking wood pieces, and a magnet on the bottom. All three tubes are turned simultaneously with the turn of the center knob, as seen in the picture above. The wooden centerpiece that holds the tubes, also swivels around smoothly to change the image. The extra tubes are seated on a matching base for display when not in use. The body of the "Wind Dancer" is made of finely crafted Bubinga and accented with Maple and Rosewood. The glass tubes are filled with a variety of dichroic glass pieces, beads, springs, and other trinkets. A spectacular example of the artistry of Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes, the Wind Dancer is truly a triumph of the human spirit. Created using bubinga and accented with solid maple and rosewood, this wondrous wooden kaleidoscope brings its owner closer the grandeur of nature. This unique kaleidoscope simultaneously combines the patterns of color and shapes of three separate oil-filled glass tubes, giving the viewer a spellbinding sensory experience. The sheer magnificence of this wooden kaleidoscope makes it one of the most sought-after collectible kaleidoscopes for sale.

Approximately 17 tall, 14 long, and 4 wide Comes with 6 unique interchangeable oil filled glass tubes