Luc and Sallie Durette's Scopes

Durette's Collection
Durette's Collection
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Product Description

Luc and Sallie Durette love art and nature, and this shows clearly in their work. Luc brings his skills in woodworking and glass to lend innovative design to their kaleidoscope works. Sallie's knowledge of graphics arts and painting lends a thoughtful touch to their design work. They are known for their floral work in their kaleidoscopes, and grow many of the flowers used in their kaleidscopes.

A delightful wooden kaleidoscope called "Dazzle" is available to order for $150. A wooden kaleidoscope with Japanese beads and other objects in an oil filled object case is available in a two mirror kaleidoscope at $150.00. Order online or give us a call (phone number is at the bottom of this page)if you are interested in "Dazzle." SORRY, WE ARE SOLD OUT. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.