Parman Brothers Stunning Wooden Kaleidoscopes $64 AGE 20+

Parmans Collection, $64 AGE 20+
Parmans Collection, $64 AGE 20+
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Product Description

Parmans Collection, $64 AGE 20+
The "Walnut Mini" is a stunning 7" (approximately) kaleidoscope in walnut (shown above) or oak (shown on left). The mirror system is three sided, which results in an image that fills the entire viewing area.

There is a base included with the kaleidoscope, which is quite handsome and is the same wood as the kaleidoscope. This delightful addition would save space on his desk.


The "Mini" Kaleidoscope $64 - AGE 20+
Call us for information on the mini kaleidoscope, one of our most popular models in our shop. It is about 7 1/2"-8* long, and has a turning end. The turning end causes the objects inside to tumble and create endless beautiful images that delight both young and old.

The "Mini" kaleidoscope is available in either Walnut, Oak or Maple, and are now engravable on a brass plate for gift giving at an extra charge. Let us help you with your order by calling us and asking for Donna.

A NEW Maple Mini-Kaleidoscope is being introduced. There is some Walnut trim on this beauty. NOT pictured.
The "Mini" Kaleidoscope $64 - AGE 20+ minkal