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Beautiful teleidoscopes made of three hand inlaid woods. Offered but not pictured here, this particular teleidoscope features padauk, teak and ebony woods. Another style is the all rosewood teleidoscope, which is shown here. A teleidoscope is a variation on the kaleidoscope that works without the use of colored glass chips and instead uses a lens to transform whatever is in front of the teleidoscope into a colorful design. Great optics are found in the interior image as shown here. Whatever you point the ball lens towards is what you are going to see in symmetry through this type of kaleidoscope. These interior pictures were taken looking through the teleidoscope at the computer screen's Microsoft Windows logo. What fun. . .Can you imagine what the Christmas lights and glitter look like?

A staff scientist at Lockheed in California named John Burnside (1916-2008) is credited for inventing the teleidoscope as he had an interest in optical engineering. In 1958, he launched California Kaleidoscopes, which became a successful Los Angeles design and manufacturing plant. In the 1970s, Burnside created the Symetricon, a large mechanical kaleidoscopic device that projected colorful patterns. This device was used in a number of movies, including the 1976 science fiction film, "Logan's Run." Any of these would be wonderful for him or her for birthday or graduation, and sale priced, too!

Also available in a 5 1/2 inch, 7 inch size or larger 11 inch below.


7 Inch Rosewood Teleidoscope Regularly $79.98 now $70 and IN STOCK
Turn your world into a kaleidoscopic universe with a teleidoscope from Kaleidoscope World! This extraordinary laminated hardwood teleidoscope is beautiful inside and out. These handmade teleidoscopes feature solid rosewood inlays and high quality optics. You’re sure to enjoy the geometric abstractions this teleidoscope creates out of whatever you point it at. Best of all, the beautiful design and finish of this teleidoscope will make you want to display it proudly for all the world to see.

• Hand inlaid solid wooden design • Ball lens allows for you to look at your surroundings in a new way • High quality optics • 7” in length
Regular price: $79.98
Sale price: $70.00
7 Inch Rosewood Teleidoscope Regularly $79.98 now $70 and IN STOCK NJ-7-Rosewood-tel
10" Smooth Solid Rosewood Teleidoscope SALE, regularly $69 now $56
This 10 inch long solid rosewood teleidoscope by N & J Enterprises measures a diameter of 1 1/8" at the eyepiece and 1 5/16" at the ball lens. This teleidoscope comes with its own matching solid rosewood base. A teleidoscope has a clear ball lens at the end to view your world. Its fun to look at your own moving hands, your friend's eye, printed material--anything of interest to create your own unique kaleidoscopic image. The images to the left show the teleidoscope looking at a Coca Cola container. This scope comes nicely gift boxed. It is a nice gift to give as multiples due to its presentation and price. It may be given as wedding party gifts, and it can even be laser engraved for corporate gift giving also.

Sale good until supplies are gone.
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $56.00
10" Smooth Solid Rosewood Teleidoscope SALE, regularly $69 now $56 NJ10smoothrwtel
Solid Rosewood 5.5" Teleidoscope ON SALE from $48 to $44
Solid Rosewood 5.5" Teleidoscope ON SALE from $48 to $44
A popular teleidoscope gift for so many occasions, including Hanukkah, Christmas, birthdays, and graduation, teleidoscopes offer endless kaleidoscopic views depending on what you point them toward. Unlike a traditional wooden kaleidoscope, this teleidoscope features a clear ball lens that turns the entire world into a work of art! In the images at the inset, you’ll see what we saw when we pointed it toward the Microsoft Windows logo.

•5 3/4" in length, 1 1/8" in diameter •Includes a fabric teleidoscope sleeve to keep it clean and protected •Matching wooden base with felt bottom included (3 1/2" long, 1" tall) •Personalize your wooden kaleidoscope with an optional brass plate •Arrives ready-to-gift in an attractive navy blue box •Made by N & J Enterprises
Regular price: $48.00
Sale price: $44.00
Solid Rosewood 5.5" Teleidoscope ON SALE from $48 to $44 newitem365285579
Silver toned teleidoscope for $55, can add personalization
Silver toned teleidoscope for $55, can add personalization
What a wonderful teleidoscope! There is a 3 mirror system and no color chips inside a teleidoscope. So as you point the teleidoscope at an object, delightful patterns are seen! People love teleidoscopes as you are not locked into a specific color palate. The round clear ball lens on the end of this mirror system takes whatever you point at and makes a symmetrical kaleidoscopic pattern. Magazines, even your hand--anything colorful or textural is fun to view with a teleidoscope.

• Dimensions are approx 7 inches long. • Features a durable brushed silver tone metal exterior and eyepiece. • Features 3 mirror system for color to infinity when viewing. • Solid Rosewood Base is also included. • Made by artisan Karl Schilling of Kaleido Co. • This model can be customized for an extra $20 with either a silver tone plate on the wooden base or label on the metal barrel. This wording says, "The Vision to See." Customizing a teleidoscope adds 5 to 7 days to the shipping time, so allow for the extra time. A minimum of 10 teleidoscopes are required if personalization is requested. Call us for more information at 641-454-8001 from 9 to 5 Central time, Monday thru Friday.
Silver toned teleidoscope for $55, can add personalization newitem394692905