NEW! "K 25 Kaleidoscopes" (25 pieces $36) IN STOCK

 "K 25 Kaleidoscopes" (25 pieces $36 regularly $50)  Ages 8 to Adult
"K 25 Kaleidoscopes" (25 pieces $36 regularly $50) Ages 8 to Adult
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 "K 25 Kaleidoscopes" (25 pieces $36 regularly $50)  Ages 8 to Adult
The NEW "K25 Kaleidoscopes" are sold only in packages of 25 for larger groups with suggested learning activities for Social Studies, History, Science, Math, Language Arts and of course Art! Complete directions and learning activities are included--even a suggested worksheet for classroom use!

Each kit contains enough to make 25 projects--that is: 25 hard cardboard tubes, pre-cut cardboard circles for ends, translucent beads and 1 paper clip as a "tumble-object" for each object box, tape, 25 plastic mirror sheets, and clear vinyl circles. In addition, there is an instruction sheet for the teacher, as well as a "History of Kaleidoscopes" sheet that can be copied for each participant if desired, as well as suggested activities for the teacher or leader.

The completed kaleidoscopes measure 7" long and are 1 3/4" in diameter. Suggested for ages 8 and above, this kit would be appropriate even for adult groups. Everything is included except colorless glue and markers or colors to decorate the outside. Tissue papers or wallpapers could also be successfully used. $75 for a 25 piece kit!

Research indicates kaleidoscope kits help learning of Art and Science!