The Karl's Lighthouse from Germany $429

The Karl's Lighthouse from Germany $429 In Stock
The Karl's Lighthouse from Germany $429 In Stock
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The Karl's Lighthouse from Germany $429 In Stock
Even though the Karl family has been making kaleidoscopes for a long time, they are fairly new to the US arena. In a short year, they have managed to win two awards, one for best first year exhibitor here in the US at the Brewster Society's convention in 2006, and another award for a completely different best kaleidoscope in Japan in 2006. So their kaleidoscopes are very collectible and desirable.

Pictured here is an entry shown at the Brewster Convention in 2007 while in Charleston, South Carolina. Called "Karleidoscope Nr. 44 Pellworm," it is a replica of an actual kaleidoscope in Germany. A truly remarkable kaleidoscope, the top "light" cleverly lights by means of a battery, and it has directions to turn the top cover point to a gold stripe running alongside the lighthouse to turn the light on. The result is a very lovely, colorful array of lovely, breathtaking designs within a three mirror system which is now internally lit by a lithium battery with 120 hours of lighting time.

Ulrich Karl has even enclosed a direction sheet to help you change batteries and to troubleshoot if the lamp doesn't work, or if it works only sometimes. He explains also how to replace the lamp as well, or how to change a magnetic switch in the cap. This is German precision again! ! !

The size of the lighthouse is 2.8" in diameter and about 12 1/2" to the very top of the brass middle point, or 8 inches to the object case. The object case is filled with sea shells, pearls, coral and amber gemstones, and mixed glass pieces. For the distinctive collector of fine kaleidoscopes.