Kaleidoscope kits for Educators, and Supplies for Artists and Hobbyists-We entertain purchase orders from schools. Call us at 1-608-778-7977.

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Kaleidoscope kits for Educators, Hobbyists or the "Do-It-Yourselfer", Kaleidoscope kits for staff development or for classroom teachers! We are now also proud to offer supplies of front surface mirrors for artists. Please click on blue wording. e commerce provided by Yahoo! Small Business



Based on Sir David Brewster work in 1816, and naming his invention "kalos", meaning beautiful. "eidos",form; and "skopeo", I see.

Anyone trying to create a kaleidoscope will quickly realize the skills and craftsmanship necessary to make these dazzling vision-stimulating kaleidoscopes. Learning how to make a kaleidoscope can be tedious, but it results in a stunning piece of artwork, a sense of smiling self-pride and a true appreciation of the Artist and Kaleidoscope industry. You will learn to be able to distinguish between two and three-mirror kaleidoscopes. Learning how to make a kaleidoscope is a fascinating journey that we at Kaleidoscope World(kaleidoscopes.net) would delight in sharing with you. We are kaleidoscope enthusiasts and have been in the kaleidoscope business with shops since 1980s and on the internet since the 1990s. If we can't answer your questions, you can be certain we will find someone who can.

Multiple reflection of two mirrors in a kaleidoscope produces units of patterns if the mirrors are joined at one edge. The reflection then forms a circle. Three mirrors of the same size arranged in a triangle and form unit designs and multiply each into an overall pattern. These kaleidoscope project kits are great for art and science projects, asa well as staff development events. Artists and hobbyists, we now also have first surface mirror for sale below!

First Surface Mirror for Designers or Hobbyists of Kaleidoscopes

NEW! We are pleased to offer this for artists and hobbyists now! See the link below.

KITS for Instructional Activities

Our NEWEST kits are one pictured above for children and one we import from Germany for adults called "Monika's Kaleidoscope Kit" or the "Karl" kits. Perfect for the person who likes to explore and do things to find out how they work. Another new kit is our "K25 Kaleidoscope Kit" packaged for larger groups, such as elementary classrooms or scouts, with suggested learning activities for Social Studies, History, Science, Math, Written language and of course, Art. Also great gifts for those colder days of winter fun by the fire. Also this kit is great for a parent, counselor or teacher who works with children ages 6 and up to show them how to assemble a kaleidoscope. For those who are worried about approval from the administration regarding the cost of a project, one teacher had the parents pay for the kits required, which seemed like a great solution to the costs involved during these harder economic times.

We have many kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes suitable for instruction in just following directions, and/or in symmetry, use of magnified lens, angles of mirrors, reflection, and refraction of light. There is a basic kaleidoscope kit for classroom instruction. Instructions are included with each kit, and all parts are included as well. Call us (phone number at bottom of this page) to discuss your needs and age group, pricing and when needed. We appreciate your inquiries.

For the classroom, the best deal is a package of "Cool Kits" orderable in packs of a dozen ($3.50 per kaleidoscope)--click the "cool" picture showing the multiple kaleidoscopes below.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT in Schools and Companies

School districts as well as companies have been doing staff development using different models of our kaleidoscopes. Active participation by members can be stimulated by using kaleidoscopes along with any similar idea(s) of: 1. Thinking creatively, 2. Seeming chaos can turn to beauty 3. Look at the problem(s) in a new light.

Kaleidoscopes for HOME use

Also, as mentioned on our home page, there are special prices to make the kits or finished kaleidoscopes in quantity even more affordable. The kits are also perfect for cures for winter cabin fever, play dates, as an after-school boredom buster, or as a birthday party activity.

To order any kit or extra materials for kaleidoscope kits please click on the blue description or picture below. Other products can be ordered directly on this page below, or you can also click the description or picture for more information.

Research indicates kaleidoscope kits help learning of Art and Science!