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For Him
For Him
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For Him
Kaleidoscope World offers unique gifts for your special someone, whether he's 5 or 105! Suggested ages are included in the descriptions. We're sure that you can find a unique kaleidoscope gift for him in your price range. Here are some suggestions for you. To get more information, please click the blue wording.

BMW 2 3/4" Mini Teleidoscope $15.95 IN STOCK
A unique gift for him for graduation or Father's Day that he can carry in his pocket, Lacewood Mini Wooden pe, Teleidoscope is a mere 2.75". Made in the USA by Big Muddy Wood Works,this solid wooden Lacewood Teleidoscope is a great kaleidoscope to throw in your pocket when you go walk the dog. He will be able to enjoy the beauty around him in a whole new way. The "Mini T" by Big Muddy Wood Works has and a 3 mirror system.

The photos looking thru the teleidoscope here are of Morton salt box pictures. A teleidoscope gives you a kaleidoscopic image of the object you are looking at. A great unique gift, an inexpensive gift, for someone you care for. Made in the USA by Big Muddy Wood Works.
BMW 2 3/4" Mini Teleidoscope $15.95 IN STOCK BMWminitel
Glitter Wand Kaleidoscopes, $5.95-22.98 ALL AGES IN STOCK,  <font color=#339900> SALES  HERE </font>
Fluid Motion Kaleidoscopes (a kaleidoscope with liquid wands)

Watch the moving "fireworks images" created by the kaleidoscope! To order, please click the blue "Fluid Motion" kaleidoscope below for the various options and prices available. Additional glitter wands/space tubes or spiral wands can also be ordered. You can state color choices in the comments section, and we will try to honor your choices. Colors are subject to availability.

Select six inch X 1 1/4" diameter fluid motion "T" kaleidoscopes EITHER with two small 5" wands (pictured in the middle) OR two longer 11 3/4" wands (pictured on the left, and available as spiral wands of two colors: blue and gold, purple and gold or blue and purple). Both the 6" and the 9" larger kaleidoscopes feature one heavy duty "o" ring and one regular "o" ring.

This kaleidoscope is similar to the fluid motion for $22.98 mechanically, the only difference is the size. This scope includes two 11" x 1/2" diameter wands. The Liquid Motion with gold colored body wrap is taller. This Liquid Motion scope with approproximate 3/4" diameter hole. You may elect to get only one 11" x 1/2" diameter wand and kaleidoscope for sale price of $16.98.

3" necklace kaleidoscopes are also available Click the inserts below for more information. Extra wands in various sizes can be ordered also.

Glitter Wand Kaleidoscopes, $5.95-22.98 ALL AGES IN STOCK, SALES HERE magmotkal
Camco Single Blade Pocket Knife-Just $9.99
Nice Quality Pocket Knife - Workhouse By Camco. Single blade is 2 1/4 inch long, the over all length is 5 1/4 inches when open. When closed the handle portion is 3 1/8 inches long. A good buy and he'll love it!
Regular price: $27.99
Sale price: $9.99
Camco Single Blade Pocket Knife-Just $9.99 CAMspk
Camco Multi-blade Pocket Knife-Bargain priced at $10.99
You Save: 67%! ! !When closed, dimensions are 3 5/8 inches long. The longest blade is 2 inches. Careful these are really sharp, our photographer cut himself bad photographing this one.
Regular price: $32.99
Sale price: $10.99
Camco Multi-blade Pocket Knife-Bargain priced at $10.99 CAMmpk
Parmans Collection, $64 AGE 20+
The "Walnut Mini" is a stunning 7" (approximately) kaleidoscope in walnut (shown above) or oak (shown on left). The mirror system is three sided, which results in an image that fills the entire viewing area.

There is a base included with the kaleidoscope, which is quite handsome and is the same wood as the kaleidoscope. This delightful addition would save space on his desk.
Parmans Collection, $64 AGE 20+ PARwam
Chesniks $125-720 - For info, click word selection.

The Chesniks' son, Jon learned from his parents, and now offers the same beautiful gleaming brass with attractive wooden stands on many of his kaleidoscopes. Most of his kaleidoscopes can be ordered with a 2 or 3 mirror system, and all of their scopes contain front surface mirrors. Janice and Ray have been handcrafting their fine kaleidoscopes since 1980, and have retired this year in 2007, and now son, Jon carries on the tradition. Pictured on the left is "Cadet Interchangeable" at $185.00. It's available for IMMEDIATE shipping, and to order it's the last one on the page.

Janice and Ray's son, Jon Green's NEWEST kaleidoscope is called "Supernova", which uses rather rare polarizing filters of birefringent material. The kaleidoscope sits on a pillow which coordinates with the kaleidoscope's color. Can we custom order one for you?
Chesniks $125-720 - For info, click word selection. cheskal
Jon Haven $2,900-In Stock
Jon Haven's BIG Kaleidoscope
Jon lives in Montana--the "big sky" state. Everyone knows that Montana rivals Texas for the title, and Jon has added his entry into the "BIG kaleidoscope" shown. This "Starlight is #12 of a limited edition of 15. Featuring a 7 point mandala, there is a bifocal image inside, and a light is included with purchase for exceptional colors.

As the picture shows, this large kaleidoscope, made of beautiful cherry, is adjustable for easy viewing at a table. Oil filled, this kaleidoscope is breathtaking! Click the smaller picture below for more information and to order.
Jon Haven $2,900-In Stock johhavbigkal