Kaleidoscopes for Special Occasions $29 - $299

For Special Occasions
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Judith Paul and Tom Durdan have made a special Christmas kaleidoscope called "Lit from Within" as shown below. David Kalish's "Wedding Kaleidoscope" ($185 and orderable below) has not only been purchased for weddings, but also for anniversaries. This kaleidoscope allows two people to view the kaleidoscope, because there is an eye opening on each end. Packaged with a delightful message that starts, "This is a marriage of two kaleidoscopes blended into one. Each side reflects a different kaleidoscope image.

As a metaphor for marriage or partnership it demonstrates that two people can view the same subject at the same time while each perceives a uniquely different vision. The partners can rejoice in the knowledge that their diverse perspectives will enrich their shared experiences."

This kaleidoscope comes packaged in a beautiful box suitable for gift giving similar to one as shown. One inside image of a brass kaleidoscope is pictured below as well as above next to the kaleidoscope, and you can click the inside image to order.

The last image connects you to "Keep Your Eye on the Ball" also by David Kalish. Great for baseball fans at $29.00.