John Haven's BIG "Starlight #12" $2,900

Jon Haven $2,900-In Stock
Jon Haven $2,900-In Stock
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Product Description

Jon Haven's BIG Kaleidoscope
Jon lives in Montana--the "big sky" state. Everyone knows that Montana rivals Texas for the title, and Jon has added his entry into the "BIG kaleidoscope" shown. This "Starlight is #12 of a limited edition of 15. Featuring a 7 point mandala, there is a bifocal image inside, and a light is included with purchase for exceptional colors.

As the picture shows, this large kaleidoscope, made of beautiful cherry, is adjustable for easy viewing at a table. Oil filled, this kaleidoscope is breathtaking! Click the smaller picture below for more information and to order.

Jon Haven's Cherry'Scope

The large wheel, when turned, gives an exceptional image that can be viewed with both eyes--no squinting here. It's a lovely piece, finished beautifully with satin smooth finish. But the oil filled turning wheel is responsible for the breathtaking images inside. No squinting with this one!

This scope is a limited edition, number twelve of fifteen.