"Jazzy" with Music Theme $5.98 IN STOCK
"K 25 Kaleidoscopes" (25 pieces $36 regularly $50) Ages 8 to Adult
"Spirit" for $50
"Animal" Jazzy Kaleidoscope $5.98
"Bobbinscope" Kit is a piece of American History IN STOCK and on sale for $34.99
"Create A Scope" $8.99 each IN STOCK and ON SALE $8.47
"Dinosaur" Themed "Jazzy" $5.98
"Dog" Themed "Jazzy" Kaleidoscope$5.98
"Fish" Jazzy Kaleidoscope $5.98
"Keep Your Eye on the Ball" $37
"Nature" Kaleidoscope Kit for All Ages, IN STOCK and on SALE!
"Pellworm Lighthouse" by the Karl Family $95 temporarily unavailable
"Seashell" Themed Jazzy Kaleidoscope $5.98
"Seashore" Kaleidoscope by Colliers
"Snowflake" Kaleidoscope by the Colliers
"Spirit" by Collier on sale, regularly $59, now $50
"Spirit" in many colors by Collier, Regularly $59, now $50 and IN STOCK
"Spirit" kaleidoscope in black bling!
"Spirit" Kaleidoscope in White
''Spirit" Kaleidoscope in Aqua
10" N&J Brass Wheel Kaleidoscope (Regularly $175, now $150)
10" Smooth Solid Rosewood Teleidoscope SALE, regularly $69 now $56
4 1/3" tall Custom Kaleidoscope for Promotions or Special Events
6" Fluid Motion "T" Kaleidoscope
(with two 6" wands)SALE, regularly $18.98 Now $16.98 ALL AGES

6BERGESON'S "Moontide" in Maple or Bubinga IN STOCK and on SALE $269
7 Inch Rosewood Teleidoscope Regularly $79.98 now $70 and IN STOCK
7 Inch Teleidoscope in Solid Wood, $36.50
8" Double wheeled kaleidoscope by N & J in Padauk & Teak $100 IN STOCK
AM kaleidoscope kit for adults or children ON SALE
Award Winning Kaleidoscopes and Books
Bennett's "Jazzy" Angel theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" Butterfly $5.00 (Shown on top photo, right)
Bennett's "Jazzy" Cat theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" Flag Kaleidoscopes $4.98
Bennett's "Jazzy" kaleidoscope in Angel theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" kaleidoscope in Butterfly theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" kaleidoscope in Dolphin theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" kaleidoscope in Music theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" kaleidoscopes with Cat theme
Bennett's "Jazzy" Kaleidoscopes, Regularly $5.98 SALE $5 AGE 4+ IN STOCK SALE
Bennett's "Jazzy" with Flag theme
Bergeson's "Teleidoscope" regularly $220, now $199
Big Muddy Woodworks
Bigger "Jazzy" $7.98
Black "Jazzy"Kaleidoscope $5.00 IN STOCK
Black Teleidoscope
BMW 2 3/4" Mini Teleidoscope $15.95 IN STOCK
Butterfly Theme
Butterfly or Simple Swirl Necklace regularly $49, now $45 and IN STOCK
Cadet Interchangeable $199.00 IN STOCK
Cadet Interchangeable by Chesnik $185.00 (zPictured top of page on the left)
Camco Multi-blade Pocket Knife-Bargain priced at $10.99
Camco Single Blade Pocket Knife-Just $9.99
Candy Kit with other suggested activities Sold Out. $11.98 now $10.98
Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn Bennett's "Futura"
Carolyn Bennett's "Liquid Suspension" 'scope $59.95
Celestial Theme
Cherry Medium Wheel Kaleidoscope $64
Chesnik's Dichroic Floret $218.00 IN STOCK
Chesnik's Large Signet $345 and IN STOCK
Chesnik's Large Signet $345 IN STOCK and on SALE for $325
Chesniks $125-720 - For info, click word selection.
Classic Tin Kaleidoscopes $6.98 on sale (regularly $8.98) IN STOCK
Clear acrylic stand
Collier's "Spirit" in Many Colors - IN STOCK regularly $59 now $50
Corki Weeks' "Double Up" $325
Corki's "Sophisticated Lady" $250
Cozy Baker $34.95
Cozy Baker's KALEIDOSCOPE BOOK regularly $34.95 Now on SALE $15.99 IN STOCK
Create an Image Kit $7.95
Creative Ingenuity Award Winners
Creative Ingenuity Award Winners
Creative Ingenuity Award Winners
Dolphin Theme $5.98 IN STOCK
Double Wheel Brass Kaleidoscope
Durette's Collection
Exotic Wooden Teleidoscope $34.50
Experimentation Kaleidoscope Kit in blue $49.98
Extra Wheels for each of the Chesnik's Scopes, $30 to $74
Farnsworth's 'Scopes
Flag Theme
For Children . $4.95-17.98 SALES HERE
For Any Age Under $95
For Collectors
For Executives
For Fun, All ages--11" Fluid Fantasy $17.98 IN STOCK
For Her $12.95-$399

For Him
For Special Occasions
Gallery Collection
German Kaleidoscope Kit by the Karls $34.98-Sorry, out of STOCK until summer, 2012
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Gift Certificates
Glitter Wand Kaleidoscopes, $5.95-22.98 ALL AGES IN STOCK, SALES HERE
Graduation 'Scopes for Him $19.95 and up
Graduation or Mother's Day Scopes for Her $140 and up (pictured, Susan's Flower Garden $2,000)
Green Sparkly Wands $5.95
Guide for Kaleidoscopes for Unique Gifts!
H. Bergeson $199-2200 On Sale
Happy New Year Kaleidoscopes $8.95, without "2010" inside
Healy's Amethyst Necklace Kaleidoscope $224
Healy's Garnet Kaleidoscope Necklace $224
Healy's Gold Pendant for Her $279 IN STOCK, but they sell quickly!
Heart of My Heart, now $175.00
Henry Bergeson's Moontide $269 ON SALE
Henry Bergeson's King's Ransom regularly $425, on SALE $400 in Maple (in stock) or Bubinga (Special Order)
Hot Pink "Spirit" Kaleidoscope
Imported Marble Egg Kaleidoscopes $25.00 AGE 16+ IN STOCK
Imported Musical, $179 each, IN STOCK
Jacob's "Crystal Stardust"
Jewel filled "N & J Classic Kaleidoscope" $85.00
Joann Flatow-Jacob's $145, Orderables $185
Jon Haven $2,900-In Stock
Jon's "Starlight #12" $2,900
Kaleidoscope Buying Guide
Kaleidoscope Events and New Items
Kaleidoscope Gifts Under $150.00
Kaleidoscope Jewelry
Kaleidoscope Kit for $11.99 - Ages 8 +
Kaleidoscope Kit, Basic 101 $3.50 each - Sold in dozens. . .
Kaleidoscope Kits for Ages 8 to Adult

Kaleidoscope Kits, Basic 101
Kaleidoscope Under 25.00
Kaleidoscopes for Graduates or Birthdays $39.99-2000
Kaleidoscopes Under $10.00
Kaleidoscopes Under $10.00
Kaleidoscopes Under $50.00
Kaleidoscopes Under 150.00
Shop By Price

Kalish's "Lighthouse" available for IMMEDIATE SHIPPING in brass - $135
Kalish's "Musette Necklace Kaleidoscope $25 in chrome or brass IN STOCK
Kalish's Lighthouse $135 IMMEDIATELY available in brass only.
Keychain Kaleidoscopes SALE regularly $5.98, now $4.95
Keychain Wand Kaleidoscopes $5.98 IN STOCK
Kid's Book and Kit $16.95
Kits for Hobbyists or Educators and Supplies for Artists SALE
Kittleson's "Mystic Rapture" $290 (click photo for more info)
Kittleson's "Razz-A-Ma-Tazz"
Kittleson's "Razz-A-Ma-Tazz" $320 (pictured in blue above)
Kittleson's "Spanky" $229 (click photo for info)
Larger "Jazzy" with Butterfly Theme $7.98
Larger "Jazzy" with Cat Theme $7.98
Larger "Jazzy" with Music Theme $7.98
Larger "Jazzy", 6 Themes $7.98 ALL AGES
Larger 7 1/2" Kaleidoscopes regularly $7.98 Now $6.99 ON SALE AND IN STOCK
Larger 9" laser foiled glitter wand kaleidoscope SALE, regularly $22.98 (2 tubes) now $20
Larger 9" laser- foiled, fluid motion kaleidoscope with ONE tube, SALE regularly $18.98, now $16.98
Larger Promotional or Personalized Kaleidoscope (7 3/8 inches tall by 1 5/8" diameter)
Largest "Cosmo" Liquid Motion kaleidoscope with Largest Glitter Wand $34.95
Lime green "Spirit" kaleidoscope
Limited amount of Happy New Year Kaleidoscopes $8.95
Magic Marble as Kit
Magic Marble, $4.95, A Teleidoscope IN STOCK
Marble Egg Kaleidoscope $24.98 IN STOCK in white only!
Medium Brass Teleidoscope
Monica's Kaleidoscope Kit ~8 1/4" Long by Dia.~2 1/4" $49.98 each
Muse Teleidoscope by Kalish, Made in the USA and ON SALE
Musical Kaleidoscopes on sale for $150-$225 IN STOCK
N&J "Pocket Buddy" Kaleidoscope in Stainless Steel or Brass $28
N&J 5 1/2 Inch Laminated Teleidoscope $39.99 IN STOCK (Ebony Eye is shown uppermost, and Laminated Padauk is shown in the lower picture here)
N&J 7 3/4" Brass Kaleidoscope with two wheels, regularly $135 ON SALE for $125
N&J Double Wheel Kaleidoscope regularly $135 on sale for $110 IN STOCK
N&J Ebony Eye Jewel 8" double wheeled kaleidoscope Regularly $112, Sale $100 IN STOCK
Necklace Kaleidoscopes by the Healys $259 (In Stock)
Necklaces by the Healys $150-439
NEW Brass Stand for Baseball Kaleidoscopes, or Real Baseballs $25.00
New Mini "Escape" by N & J Regularly $75, On Sale for $68 IN STOCK
Paretti's "Cosmos-Metal Swirl" $325 and IN STOCK
Paretti's "Feather and Leather" $290 IN STOCK
Paretti's Starfield
Paretti's Starfield
Parman's "Lighthouse"
Parmans Collection, $64 AGE 20+
Paul and Durdan's "Fruit of the Vine"
Paul and Durden's "Gazebo" Kaleidoscope $950-In Stock
Plain Black "Jazzy" Kaleidoscope 5.98
Plain Black Larger "Jazzy" $7.98
Princess or Prince Kits Regularly $12.99 now Sale priced at $11.99
Promotional Kaleidoscopes - Business or Special Events
Purple Spirit Kaleidoscope
Ray and Janice's Interchangeable floret $318 IN STOCK
Red Wand Kaleidoscope for Valentine's Day or Any Day $12 IN STOCK
Rosewood 7 inchTeleidoscope regularly $45.99 ON SALE for $39.99
Sealife Kaleidoscope with oil cell $7.98
Sealife Kaleidoscopes
Sealife scopes $7.98
Sheryl Koch
Sheryl Koch's Collection
Silver "Spirit" Kaleidoscope with charcoal accents
Small Scopes for Kids
Solid Wooden Kaleidoscope By PMB
Solid Wooden Kaleidoscope in Walnut By PMB
Solid Wooden Kaleidoscope In Walnut By PMB
Solid Wooden Kaleidoscope in Walnut By PMB
Solid Wooden Kaleidoscope Made in America $64
Solid Wooden Kaleidoscopes Made in America $80-165
Space tubes/Glitter Wands with spiral feature (2 color)
Sparkly in Red
Sparkly in Silver
Sparkly or Animal Kaleidoscope
Special Large Quantity Order for Promotions or Special Events Click here for more info.
Spirit Kaleidoscopes IN STOCK and ON SALE
Stained Glass Kaleidoscope "West Wind" in Blue, regularly $135, ON SALE $110
Stained Glass Three Mirror Kaleidoscope, $95, now 1/2 price
Stained glass wheels on "Ebony Eye" kaleidoscope $100 and IN STOCK
Sterling Silver or 24 Kt. gold plated Necklace Kaleidoscope, Regularly $120, now $100
Teleidoscopes by Kalish in brass or chrome $48 and IN STOCK
Teleidoscopes on SALE and IN STOCK
The "Mini" Kaleidoscope $64 - AGE 20+
The Jewel
The Karl's Lighthouse from Germany $429 In Stock
The Karl's Striped Teleidoscope $110 and IN STOCK
The Kittleson's Newest
The Kittlesons $229-320 IN STOCK
The Lighthouse Kaleidoscope
The Mini-Silver Necklace by the Healys $150 CAN SHIP For MOTHER'S DAY
The Newest Kittleson Kaleidoscopes
Thinner Wands (6 1/4" x 3/8")
Tin Kaleidoscopes $5.95
To order kaleidoscopes not listed on this page e-mail us at schillingc@hotmail.com
Traditional 'scope
Trufflet Necklace $65
Turquoise Blue Anodized Aluminum and Silver Necklace Kaleidoscope $98 (In Stock)
Unique Gifts For Him
Valentine's Day Sale-Now through Feb. 11 LAST DAY
Various Kaleidoscope Accessories $2.98-$13.98
West Wind
Wind Dancer (Shown in Bubinga) $2200
Wind Dancer by Henry Bergeson
Winter Warehouse Sale Going on now through 2/10/2009 !
Wood Import
Wooden Egg Kaleidoscope $49 NOW AVAILABLE
Wooden Engravable Teleidoscope regularly $36.50, quantity discounts available
Wooden Stand
World's Largest and Most Expensive Kaleidoscope