Henry Bergeson's Kaleidoscopes are of Highly Polished Wood

Henry Bergeson's Designs

Bergeson uses highly polished wood for his kaleidoscopes. His background as an engineer is very evident, as his exquisite kaleidoscopes have exceptional engineering to make the inside image especially bright and beautiful.

If you want more information about his kaleidoscopes, click the pictures for more information and prices.Currently we have "Wind Dancer" in bubinga available and "Kings Ransom" in maple (2 or 3 mirror), as well as "Moontide or "Teleidoscope" in Bubinga and Maple (Also 2 or 3 mirror). Any of these can be ordered by clicking the bottom picture, except for "Wind Dancer."

Call us (641-454-8001, Schilling's Kaleidoscope World) to order his wonderful "Wind Dancer" kaleidoscope.