The Chesniks have handcrafted fine kaleidoscopes since 1980

Chesniks $125-720 - For info, click word selection.
Chesniks $125-720 - For info, click word selection.
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Chesniks $125-720 - For info, click word selection.

The Chesniks' son, Jon learned from his parents, and now offers the same beautiful gleaming brass with attractive wooden stands on many of his kaleidoscopes. Most of his kaleidoscopes can be ordered with a 2 or 3 mirror system, and all of their scopes contain front surface mirrors. Janice and Ray have been handcrafting their fine kaleidoscopes since 1980, and have retired this year in 2007, and now son, Jon carries on the tradition. Pictured on the left is "Cadet Interchangeable" at $185.00. It's available for IMMEDIATE shipping, and to order it's the last one on the page.

Janice and Ray's son, Jon Green's NEWEST kaleidoscope is called "Supernova", which uses rather rare polarizing filters of birefringent material. The kaleidoscope sits on a pillow which coordinates with the kaleidoscope's color. Can we custom order one for you?

Extra Wheels for each of the Chesnik's Scopes, $30 to $74
Be sure to measure this because there are 2 1/8", 3" and 4" in diameter wheels available for Chesnik's kaleidoscope. Extra wheels are available as smooth or textured dichroic glass, agate, Venetian Millefiore, or stained glass wheels.

PRESENTLY IN STOCK in the $30 range is an Agate, with a 2 1/8" diameter. This would fit a Signet, ZCD, or ZCl. For larger wheels, be sure to click this link to see photos of extra wheels.

Other sizes and prices are available also. Click here for information.

Extra Wheels for each of the Chesnik's Scopes, $30 to $74 CHES2agwheel
Chesnik's Dichroic Floret $218.00 IN STOCK
The "Dichroic Floret" is the larger kaleidoscope pictured here, would have to be ordered. This piece is a winner in our shop, and we have a hard time keeping it in stock.

We do have the Cadet Interchangeable also available for immediate shipment at $199. The Cadet is the smaller kaleidoscope with a wooden base and two interchangeable wheels. A wonderful present for anyone.

Janice has been seen on the popular Lynette Jennings show, and so has been both well-liked and collected. We are happy to offer both to you.
Regular price: $228.00
Sale price: $218.00
Chesnik's Dichroic Floret $218.00 IN STOCK CHEdf
This item is currently out of stock!
Ray and Janice's Interchangeable floret $318 IN STOCK
This kaleidoscope has two extra wheels to enjoy and a nice place to store them as shown. ($318.00) The four wheels are two stained glass, one agate, and one dichroic glass.
Regular price: $349.00
Sale price: $318.00
Ray and Janice's Interchangeable floret $318 IN STOCK CheInt
This item is currently out of stock!
Chesnik's Large Signet $345 IN STOCK and on SALE for $325
The beautiful "Signet" is available in the large "Signet" size in brass. We have presently sold out of the smaller "Signet." This wonderful larger kaleidoscope is priced at $325 for a short time and can be ordered by pressing the order button. The gleaming brass is highlighted by the wooden base in walnut.

As shown, the base can successfully handle a brass engraved plate for an additional charge of $29. Indicate your message in the comments box of the order form.
Regular price: $345.00
Sale price: $325.00
Chesnik's Large Signet $345 IN STOCK and on SALE for $325 CheSig-SM
This item is currently out of stock!
Large Brass "Contempo" by Chesnik $459  SOLD OUT
Large Brass "Contempo" by Chesnik $459 SOLD OUT
This "Contempo" kaleidoscopes by Chesnik has a great brass body and solid walnut handle that is designed to be lifted out of the base for easy and enjoyable viewing. Contempo features 4 interchangeable wheels. The four wheels are 2 dichroic Wheels, an Agate wheel and The ever popular ever detailed Fiesta Wheel. Beautiful inside and Out. A real hand made work of art that will sure to be a conversation starter on your coffee table. This a very special piece by Jon and each one is signed, dated Chesnik Scopes and is crafted of solid brass and is made with the choicest of materials. The brass plated exterior and edge of the wheels of this kaleidoscope is now treated with a PVD coating finish preventing tarnishing. A durable long lasting tarnish free surface that is a similar finish to that used on our kitchen faucets. To clean simply use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. Do not use brass polish. The kaleidoscope features 8 point three mirror System in a round solid brass tube, which rests onto the smartly designed base. Janice Chesnik has been making kaleidoscopes for over 22 years now and is recognized as a leader in her field. She has won many awards for her kaleidoscopes and her son and daughter in law have continued the line of kaleidoscopes under the family name.

There are 2 Dichroic wheels, a primary wheel and a secondary wheel. Dichroic glass is a specially formed glass that will actually pickup different colors changing under different background colors and different lighting conditions. Dichroic glass is made by adding materials to the glass that is suspended on the ceiling of a specially made vacuum machine. A sheet of Dichroic glass can cost up to $144.00 a square foot, due to its unique hand crafted manufacturing process.

Primary Dichroic Wheel Primary Dichroic Wheel this wheel is made of more textured glass.

Secondary Wheel The secondary Dichroic Wheel is made of more flat mirror like glass.

Agate Wheel

This wheel is made of natural sliced agate slabs from all around the world including Brazil.

Fiesta Wheel Ornate wheel Hours of work just to create the cane then sliced fire polished and soldered and assembled into a wheel.

The Large Contempo stands approximately 11 inches tall. Each Wheel is 4 inches in Diameter. The base measures 8 1/4 inches long by 4 3/4 inches wide. Also comes in a nice box for safe arrival to you and for easy gift wrapping. Brass Plate is an additional $20.00 ( 4-7 days needed to complete engraving.)
Regular price: $489.00
Sale price: $459.00
Large Brass "Contempo" by Chesnik $459 SOLD OUT CHElrgbrContempo