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Many collectors visiting our shops have wanted a list of award winning kaleidoscopes, in addition to those listed in one of Cozy Baker's earlier books. We've scoured the last eleven years of newsletters as well as and have found the following five categories: 1. Creative Ingenuity Award, 2. People's Choice Awards 3. Cozette Award, 4. Special Achievement Award and 5. Niche Award. The first four are awarded within the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, while the Niche Award is given by the Buyers Market of American Craft.

Creative Ingenuity Award Winners
Corki Weeks first award winner for two mirrors in one tube (Before 1987)
Barbara Mitchell's "Spectrasphere" (1987)
Willie Stevenson's "Whatever Tilts Your Kilt" (1989)
Sherry Moser's "Journey" (1991)
Don Doak's "Kaleidosphere" (1992)
Steven Grey's for cummulative contributions (1993)
Charles Karadimos' "Tessera" (1993)
Paretti's "Feather and Leather"
Sherry Moser, Judith Paul and Tom Durden's collaboration, "Monet's Garden". (1995)
Randy Knapp's "Marbleator" (1997)
Yoda's "Universe 2000" (2000)

People's Choice Awards
Sherry Moser, Judith Paul and Tom Durden's collaboration, "Monet's Garden", (1995)
Rioux' "Sea Angel" (limited edition, 1996)
Durette's "On the Threshold of a Dream" (1996)
Moser's "Wishes" (non-limited, 1996)
Tickle's "Eye of the Soul" (2000)
Paul & Durden's "Van Gogh" (2000)
Tickle's "Noveau" (2001)
Paul & Durden's "By the Sea" (limited edition of 50, 2001)
Yamami's "Maiko"
Tickle's "Eco" (2002)
Yoda's "Courage and Hope" (2002)
Bennett's "3D in CD Case, Pop-Up Scope" (2002)
Farnsworth's "KaleidoBot" (2003)
Yamami's "Geisha Girl" (2003)
Paul & Durden's "Nite Lite" (2003)
Yoda's "Northern Lights" (2003)
J.R. Beale's "Clockworks" (2004)
Durette's "Retreat at Mirror Pond" (2004)
Paul & Durden's "Invitation to the Garden" (2004)
Yoda's "Time"
Massimo Strino's "A Childhood Dream"
Paul & Durden's "Lumiere",lighted crystalline parlor 'scope (2005)
Kittleson's "Great Balls of Fire"
Karl's "Tipi" (Best First Time Attendee Award)
Yoda's "Universe 2006"
C. Bennett's "Fiesta Time 2006"
Paul and Durden's "Leonardo's Notebook" 2006
Judith Paul and Tom Durden's "Brewster's Lighthouse" for best auction kaleidoscope in 2007.
Marc Tickle's "Brewster's Beacon" 2007
Yasuko Nakazato's "Fall Grasses" 2007

Cozette Award
for great contributions: Cozy Baker First award given
Corki Weeks
Mary Margaret Gibson
Janice and Ray Chesnik 2007

Special Achievement Award
Kevin Kohler First award given

Niche Award given by Buyers Market of American Craft
Carolyn Bennett's "Futura"
Marcia Clark "Dance Series II"

Retailer's Special Award and Gift
for outstanding craftsmanship, value, and ethics Janice and Ray Chesnik 2007

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