6" long by one and one fourth inch in diameter glitter wand kaleidoscope comes with two six inch wands. $16.98

6" Fluid Motion "T" Kaleidoscope <BR>(with two 6" wands)<font color=#339900>SALE, regularly $18.98 Now $16.98 </font> <font color=#ff3300> ALL AGES</font>
6" Fluid Motion "T" Kaleidoscope
(with two 6" wands)SALE, regularly $18.98 Now $16.98 ALL AGES
Item# TCS11
Regular price: $18.98
Sale price: $16.98

Product Description

This fluid motion "T" kaleidoscopes comes with TWO wands. The kaleidoscope creates large "slow-motion" images. Bodies available in silver, gold, red, blue, and green as shown.